April 2010 New Letter From Ed Richards

Thoughts Of A Country Boy by Ed Richards


This is a story about "WILD BILL", a big Holstein milk cow who was a little bit spooky and could kick like lighting.  It happen late one afternoon as we were milking. Wild Bill was in her regular spot at the east   end of the barn on the south side.  Everything seem to be going smooth, My dad had put the milking machine on her.  It was the type that had a large five gallon stainless steel bucket that swung under the cows belly and was supported by flexible strap over her back. Then it happened, brother Bob not knowing that the machine was still on Wild Bill had released the latch to turn the five cows in her group loose.  Pandemonium broke out!!  Wild Bill came out of her stall like a mad brahma bull coming out of a bucking chute.  It was a dairy barn rodeo!  Wild Bill bucking, snortin and jumping until the milking machine finally came loose spilling milk all over the barn.  What really made my dad mad was that on her way out she knocked over another ten gallon can of milk that that was setting in the aisle.  And to top it off, I had to chase the old hussy all the way to the north forty to retrieve the back strap.

The lesson I learned from this is that "It Is Alright To Occasionally Spill The Milk As Long As You Still Have The Cow!" So the next you spill the milk in life's endeavors, just mop it up and be thankful you still got the cow.