Thoughts Of A Country Boy 8/08

We are in the "Dog Days of Summer." The time when we would much rather be lounging by the pool than working or making a sales call.  How do we get motivated to get out of these slump times?  I don't know except YOU JUST DO IT!

I am reminded of the story of a little frog and a little rabbit crossing a meadow when the little frog fell into a rut.  The rabbit said "Little frog you better get out of that rut!" The little frog replied "Oh I can't get out, the sides are too high, I just can't make it, the rut is too deep!" The rabbit went on his way leaving the little frog in the rut.  A few day later the rabbit met the little frog hopping across the meadow on one of his morning excursions. I thought you said "You couldn't get out of the rut?"  The little frog said "I didn't think I could until I looked back and saw that semi-truck coming! 

On a more personal basis, July was a good month.  Sales were up at the shop.

Our Houston Kids came home for a couple of days.  We had good response from our first news letter.  Thanks for the emails and comments.  Keep those "Goodies"coming!  We are starting to archive them on the website where everyone can have access to them.